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(703) 485-5242

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A Message From QUINNEE

Dear Studio Friend,

In 2012, I launched Studio 85, LLC with the mission to create a company that sought to increase market representation for diversity-conscious companies that appreciated great digital design and marketing.

Five years later, we are well on the way to being the next fastest growing woman/minority-owned company in the country! I always am delighted every time I see a Studio 85, LLC logo, illustration or digital design on the internet or print and I am reminded of just how important the work is that we are doing. Much of our success has been built by word of mouth, one enthusiastic client to another. So THANK YOU!

We are also incredibly proud to work with  The MADE Foundation. The MADE Foundation was created to provide minority female entrepreneurs with information, education, thought leadership and support in business, so the work continues. 

As always thank you for supporting our mission and being part of the journey. Together we WILL do amazing things!